Here I am!!

Well, took me a long run to get enlightened and to actually fill my lungs with fresh ideas. So, here I am!.

Born in 1976 and going through 41 years of adventures, which all of them started back in Chile. That was some time ago. Now I live in Donaghadee, a small town in the north east coast of Northern Ireland. I moved here about three years ago after spending about 7 years living ‘down the south’ (aka the Republic of Ireland!)

How did I get here? That’s a long and interesting story that I will tell you soon rather than later.

Anyway, why I am writing all this? Not sure, but I guess it is just to share my experiences from a mindfulness point of view in the construction industry, where I work as a quantity surveyor. That’s why I call my self the happyqs! (if you were wondering…).

It is a tough environment where a few (if not just a few!) share there experiences and struggles with the career, and how difficult it is to deal with so many characters, manage expectations.

I just want to write about my personal experience and share it with someone out there, in case is useful. Mainly tips for overcoming;

  • Anxiety
  • Overwhelm
  • Productivity
  • Clear your head

and all from a perspective of a happy qs.

Join me in this trip. I just started today….

The happyqs.


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