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For 2018

After finishing my first marathon I decided to go the next step and signed for the Connemara Ultra Marathon in April 2018.

This is a 39 miles race in the west of Ireland which is a beautiful place of this world. Close to the city of Galway which is one of my favourites cities that I have had the privilege to visit.

My experience on my first marathon was amazing! From the preparation, the training, the run and the aftermath.

I ran the Dublin Marathon at the end of October, and for the first time I was running with a smile on my face through the streets of Dublin. The amount of people on the streets cheering up was unreal. They were everywhere. I know that they say that this race is one with the most people on streets and that the atmosphere surrounding the is the best.

2017 was the year that I really embraced running. Started looking at my addictions and got to face them one and for all.

The main one without doubt; alcohol. I have been a drinker for most of my life and I have used alcohol as a tool to leverage my poor self-esteem and my social fobia. I used it to be the funny guy at the parties, the confident professional and to avoid my brain mist. But slowly and without warning, alcohol started to take control. Up to a point that if I started drinking I could stop. That sounds crazy but I actually couldn’t handle it. I will drink until the end and beyond. Forgetting all my responsibilities and avoiding reality.

Whilst this was good when I was drunk, it took me days to get back on my feet and let the pain go away.

Running help with this and gave me a ‘look forward’ activity to do instead of drinking.


Here I am!!

Well, took me a long run to get enlightened and to actually fill my lungs with fresh ideas. So, here I am!.

Born in 1976 and going through 41 years of adventures, which all of them started back in Chile. That was some time ago. Now I live in Donaghadee, a small town in the north east coast of Northern Ireland. I moved here about three years ago after spending about 7 years living ‘down the south’ (aka the Republic of Ireland!)

How did I get here? That’s a long and interesting story that I will tell you soon rather than later.

Anyway, why I am writing all this? Not sure, but I guess it is just to share my experiences from a mindfulness point of view in the construction industry, where I work as a quantity surveyor. That’s why I call my self the happyqs! (if you were wondering…).

It is a tough environment where a few (if not just a few!) share there experiences and struggles with the career, and how difficult it is to deal with so many characters, manage expectations.

I just want to write about my personal experience and share it with someone out there, in case is useful. Mainly tips for overcoming;

  • Anxiety
  • Overwhelm
  • Productivity
  • Clear your head

and all from a perspective of a happy qs.

Join me in this trip. I just started today….

The happyqs.